Event of 9/11 - an Analysis - Essay Example

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The 9/11 is an event that the world can never forget. It has been such a long time that the planes hit the world trade centre, but since that time, the war on terror has continually been on a rise…
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Event of 9/11 - an Analysis
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"Event of 9/11 - an Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages The attack has a variety of stories on its account. The most frequently narrated is that it was done by muslims who wanted to put America to shame by targeting 2 of its most financially strong buildings – world trade centre and the pentagon. America had a little inkling of these attacks as they had been given threat calls but they chose to ignore it by thinking amateur gangsters cannot do much harm, however, these terrorists what USSR could not achieve.
The causes of this attack can be lead to poverty and unjust economic system. Other than this, since the muslims are blamed for the attack, their madrasas are named as one of the cause. These learning places for the muslims instill in them feelings of hatred towards non-muslims which eventually turn out to eliminate all those who go against their religion. Another cause is the CIA itself since Osama bin Laden had been said to work with CIA prior to becoming a Jihadi. Osama, therefore, is always marked as a product of the CIA itself and new first hand operation techniques that only the level one insiders know. It is said that weak states always boost plights of terrorism so the weaker states helped thrive the main basis of the Taliban. The machine handling and flight lessons however, are said to be received from the west.
The effects of the same include first and foremost, War on terror. This is a never ending phenomena which the entire world is facing now. This magically gives America the right to play police with any state. Furthermore, it also grants permission to the same, to destroy and openly declare enemy, all those who refuse to give help against finding the enemy. Another negative effect was that the world came to know that America is incompetent in protecting its own citizens, an image it had been keeping off itself for a long time. Furthermore, the economy all over the world crippled and has barely recovered even now. Some call it signs from God for the Day of Judgment and some mark it as a beginning to the era of terrorists. No religion is ready to take the blame, once something is openly declared; it causes even more remorse and hatred. This 9/11 still left us with many questions raised, many half answered statements. Business: Media incompetency There are always good points as well as bad points in every aspect that we look at. The business that we do or for that matter even a job; the good and bad will always be there. Like in every organization, media has its bad days too. With an increase in citizen journalism, we see a rise of incompetency in the form of inaccurate news or inability to take responsibility for actions. The causes are simple yet very very difficult to take in control. Citizen journalism means that every citizen around becomes a journalist. On one hand this assures a faster news report. On the other hand, it will also put up incompetent people on the street with mobile cameras, looking for a news report. They have no basic ethics for reporting. Yes, news can be delivered, but is it well researched? Is it worth reporting? Some news are better to be left off the news or visuals should not be included, a citizen journalist will never understand the complexities that the media works in. according to reports, 50% of the reports send by the public find their way on main stream media. However the sad news of the same report is that only 51% of these reports on the main media are true and accurate. Rest are either incomplete with lack of information or having one or more authentication problem. Or sometimes even issues related to personal being. Since they do not understand the basics of reporting, they try to create the news as crispy as possible by using sensationalism techniques. If they make a mistake while report, hardly 10% of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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