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Feedback Control System, with the Controller Designed using Direct Synthesis Method - Coursework Example

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This study will identify the plant transfer function and the desired closed-loop system transfer function and then design a feedback control system, with the controller designed using Direct Synthesis Method, where the time delay is approximated using the first-order Taylor expansion…
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Feedback Control System, with the Controller Designed using Direct Synthesis Method
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Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that in an industrial chemical process, the concentration control loop could be represented by a 2nd order dynamics with a transmission delay. There are two second order time constant dynamics considered and they include T1 =4 min and T2=6 min respectively. The dead time and steady state gain are 12 min and 5 min respectively. The loop needs to be controlled in order to attain a first order desired dynamics with 2 minutes as the time constant(Td) as well as the s zero steady-state offset. In this regard, this exercise involves designing a feedback control system with the use of direct synthesis method using first-order Taylor expansion. In this case, the controller was implemented with a standard industrial controller. Also closed loop Ziegler –Nichols empirical method was used. Direct synthesis method is applied in designing a controller TF (Gc(s). In this case, the system’s closed-loop transfer function (GLC) is equal to the desired closed–loop transfer function (Gr(s). The plant transfer function (transfer function from set-point to output) can be represented as below;  For closed-loop system transfer function, Gr(s) is used to replace Gcl(s) in the above equation. At this stage, the desired transfer function is required to satisfy the performance requirements. In this case, a first-order transfer function is applied and the time constant to be considered should satisfy the requirement for the setting time: ii) Design a feedback control system with a PID controller designed using the closed-loop Ziegler-Nichols empirical method. The Simulink model used in the experiment to obtain the sustained output curve should be displayed. The sustained output curve should also be displayed. The controller design must be presented.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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