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Significance of Metrology with Respect to Engineering - Book Report/Review Example

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The present book review entitled "Significance of Metrology with Respect to Engineering" deals with the necessity of the metrology science. It is stated that metrology has become a fundamental part of different measuring and manufacturing industries. …
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Significance of Metrology with Respect to Engineering
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Extract of sample "Significance of Metrology with Respect to Engineering"

Download file to see previous pages If not, then it has to be re-examined so that accurate results are obtained. Among the post-process measurement, different measurement techniques and instruments are used. Usually, block gauge, micrometer, profile projector and coordinate measurement machines are used for post-measurement techniques.
A block gauge consists of different sizes of lengths, holes, depressions, diameters, rectangle cross sections of perfect measurement. So a parts length or shape could be determined by comparing with a block gauge. Micrometers are also used in the post process measurement, they measure the outside and the inside diameters as well as thickness of the product. Profile projectors are used in a manner to project the part magnified on a screen, the reading on the screen will define parts dimensions. It gives a two-dimensional image.
Accordingly, then the process could be carried as whether it lies within the tolerance limit. A CMM is also used for the same purpose but being a modern machine it gives the results rather more quickly and accurately (Mainsah et al, 2001).
The on process measurement consists of the direct and the indirect methods. Direct methods refer simply to measuring the part using simple instruments. Indirect methods refer to the measurement of a tool indirectly for example while radius measurement or notifying changes in the motion of the carriage, the measurement could be made. The on process measurement league further expands to mechanical methods, optical methods, pneumatic methods and ultrasonic methods. The mechanical method also works on metrology and it is divided into three parts in a manufacturing industry. Caliper type, friction roller type, and probe type are all types of mechanical methods used to measure parts and products in an ongoing process. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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