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Teaching And Learning Of Constructivist - Research Paper Example

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For the actual practice, the philosophy of constructivism needed an innovative and all-pervasive tool. The writer of the paper "Teaching And Learning Of Constructivist" discusses Web 2.0 as such a tool that can be a good contributory agent in a constructivist classroom…
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Teaching And Learning Of Constructivist
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Download file to see previous pages Constructivism sprang from the work of Piaget (1977) and Kelly (1991). Twomey Fosnot (1989) highlights four principles of constructivism: learning, in an important way, depends on what we already know; new ideas occur as we adapt and change our old ideas; learning involves inventing ideas rather than mechanically accumulating facts; meaningful learning occurs through rethinking old ideas and coming to new conclusions about new ideas which conflict with our old ideas. (Gray, 1997)
Toffler( 1980) views that the current school system with its factory-like organization and inflexible boxes of space and time is a vestige of Second Wave industrial society and is quickly becoming outdated by the Third Wave technological world. This view quite aptly suggests the coming of a new educational system. The technology complements this new system.
After Piaget and Vygotsky, many thinkers in 20th Century made significant contributions to this philosophy and found it quite harmonious with the changing time and looked for certain models that ensured its practical application in day to day classroom activities.
John D. Bransford research has put forth the idea of constructivism from theory into practice. Ernst von Glasersfeld developed a model of radical constructivism, which claims that since all experiences are subjective, knowledge -- and the interpretation of that knowledge -- is also subjective, and it is the individual who constructs knowledge.
Constructivism suggests a change in all fields of education. It calls for a specific curriculum that meets the needs of the learner and strengthens his inquisitive nature and helps him formulate new information on the basis of his prior knowledge. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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