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The process of simulation has always been involved with pitfalls. There are three crucial keys to achieve the simulation goal seeing the…
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Simulation and design
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SIMULATION AND DESIGN al Affiliation) Key words: Simulation, Design Process simulation is a tool that is proven when applied correctly, it will boost the efficiency and quality of operations and systems. The process of simulation has always been involved with pitfalls. There are three crucial keys to achieve the simulation goal seeing the project as a unit rather than a single model establishing well-defined and attainable milestones. The supporting and method tools chosen to do the work contribute to the final success of the project. The three steps for developing the process of simulation are finding the right information (Ramirez, 2007).  The purpose of the process simulation is to make decisions that are more informed. The crucial aspect of the aspect is to emphasis the position of the audience. For a project to succeed, the outcomes will influence the decision. An accurate and detailed simulation model, eye grabbing data, and robust statistical analysis need to be delivered to the correct person. The paper therefore, creates the process simulation of a wiki.
Wikis have great way in communicating and working on a project with other audience. First, it is important signing an account with Google before a wiki is created with the Google site. After creating the Google account, a create site button to begin creating the Wiki.
Google sites have various templates to be chosen from. Chose the Project Wiki to begin creating the Wiki.
Specify a term that describes the purpose of the wiki. We can make an engaging Wiki with a choice of themes. Google gives the option to share the Wiki publicly with people that we work with. Adding the members and collaborator in the Wiki is simple. Select the “Share Site” from the dropdown actions and input the email addresses of the collaborators. People can be invited to collaborate on the Wiki through email invitations. We can give varied permissions to every person who is invited to edit the Wiki.
Many customization can be done with the Wiki. Begin by accessing the management editor by selecting the Manage Site menu. The site editor customises the theme, color, fonts, and site layout. The site background, font colors, image, and header can be changed by clicking the color and fonts.
Keying in other Page parameters; Google sites are tightly integrated with variousGoogle products like spreadsheet, presentation, document, and Picasa. To start inserting the elements into the Wiki, start by clicking the button named Edit page or Create page. Click the insert button and select the Google product that is found favorable to incorporate into the Wiki (Banks, 2007). The good thing about the site is that the Google documents can be put into any site created in the Google Site. The Google document can either be through spreadsheet or presentation.Google Site makes it very easy to create Wiki without any knowledge. The site has an interface that is user friendly that enables creating visually appealing and user friendly Wiki.
Google Sites can be used to create Wiki and use them in someone’s work.
Banks, J. 2007. The simulation process. Dearborn, Mich.: Society of Manufacturing Engineers.
Ramirez, W. F. 2007. Computational methods for process simulation (2nd ed.). Oxford: Butterworths. Read More
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Simulation and Design Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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