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The luggage holder - Essay Example

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However, it can be said to use natural resources indirectly because part of it is made of steel. Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon. Iron is mined and is therefore it is a natural resource…
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The luggage holder
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Download file to see previous pages Very little energy is used by the luggage holder and its applications. In addition, the luggage holder is manually operated, so it does not use any energy other than human effort. Since it requires human effort to operate, this makes it very sustainable and energy-friendly in the long-term. It is also renewable, efficient and non-polluting because it is natural energy. The only resulting impact identified so far is possible fatigue as a result of long periods of operation, which is also very negligible. Finally, all materials are as inherently safe and benign as possible. The luggage holder does not have any energy inputs or outputs though.
When it comes to human capital, concept development, product design, assembly, and marketing are the labor-intensive stages of product development that require a lot of human capital. Creativity, innovation, knowledge, habits, skill, cognitive abilities, and social and personality attributes, are the human capital elements that will be in high demand in the design and development of the luggage holder. In regards to financial capital (monetary instruments), a lot of financial resources are required to fund the activities involved in the human capital aspect. When it comes to manufactured or real capital (made by people and their tools), there are steel works, plastic processors, manufacturing space (to support industrial production), assembly tools and machines, and other related forms of infrastructure will be required.
The luggage holder does not require any natural capital (the Earths resources and bio-capacity). Very little natural capital is required to develop and sell this product. The materials required are obtained from very little natural resources, and do not interfere with the earth’s bio-capacity in any way. The product development cost is quite high, exact costs are not yet clear as per now. The product development ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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