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Automotive Cruise Control System - Essay Example

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Automotive cruise control system is an adaptive cruise control unit that allows vehicles cruise control system to adapt the vehicles speed in a traffic environment. It automatically adjusts a vehicle speed in order to maintain a safe distance from vehicles ahead. Cruise control…
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Automotive Cruise Control System
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Download file to see previous pages The governor adjusted the engine up thrift when the engine speed changed. The system was first used in automobiles in the year 1910. Thanks to Peerless motor company who upgraded the system to maintain speed of an automobile regardless of the topography the vehicle was moving on. Modern cruise control or speedostat was invented in 1948 by Ralph Teetor a long term president of the perfect circle company which specialized in manufacture of automotives. The first car with speedostat system was manufactured in 1958 which processed a vehicle speed on driveshaft and utilized a loop wire wrapped in a metallic core to vary throttle positions. In 1950 constant speed regulator a patent was imposed by Frank Riley, however in the following years, Mr. Riley and the other patent holders did not manage to collect royalties for inventions using the cruise control. Automotive device controls became more popular in USA in the year 1973 after the historical oil crisis which led to tremendous rise in fuel price. This was due to the nature of the system of saving gas intake by minimizing level of fuel intake when a vehicle was accelerating.
Automotive cruise control uses the mechanism of transmission whereby a sensor system is mounted to the vehicle front. Control mechanism is transmitted through the on board sensors. A driver feeds in the speed and the unit maintains the speed by taking over the car’s throttle. The systems are ideal because they improve a driver comfort in a free flowing traffic conditions. However the systems are not ideal in heavy congested traffic as they do not allow the cruise control to run below a certain speed normally 25mph. the vehicle maintains the desired speed by up thrusting the throttle cable with a loop wire and a closed loop feedback. Modern cruise systems have power buttons which allows a driver to turn on or off. The systems ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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