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Winter Olimpic Games - Research Paper Example

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This paper stresses that snowboarding and bob-sleigh are the most popular winter sports in the United States. Engineering and construction involved in the construction of a snowboard and sleigh are highly complex. Both snowboarding and bob-sleigh is a popular winter sports in the United States.
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Winter Olimpic Games
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Download file to see previous pages As the paper declares people focused on snowboarding and bob-sleigh and introduced in the United States during the time when people were eager to find some new winter activities. The two types of sports have many styles. For instance, snowboarding include half-pipe, freestyle, big air, alpine, and slope style. On the other hand, Bobsleigh includes three disciplines; two-man, four-man, and women’s doubles. The equipment of Bobsleigh and snowboarding are quite essential for the athletes in the Olympic competitions. The construction of the bob-sled and snowboard is highly complex. This research paper aims to explain the engineering and construction of both the snowboard and Bobsled.
This discussion explores that snowboarding has numerous styles, which include half-pipe, freestyle, big air, alpine, and slope style. The half-pipe style was among the competitions in this year’s Sochi Olympic Winter sports. Shawn White has finished in the fourth position during this year’s winter Olympics in his Half pipe Snowboarding. In the half-pipe snowboarding competition, athletes use a special half pipe-shaped snowboard. Using the speed they gain on the slopes, the athletes come out of the rim on the other side of the pipe and perform acrobatic aerial tricks. The athletes perform the snowboarding activities on from the top of a mountain where they should ski downwards. The construction of the snowboard track is much more complex since the engineers must ensure that it is highly sloppy for the provision of kinetic transition energy from potential energy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Winter Olimpic Games Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words.
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