Proposal projects of cultural center / library in OldCross Borough Council - Assignment Example

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He notes that the real value of money depends upon various other individualistic points of view on specific areas under review. This means that what…
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Proposal projects of cultural center / library in OldCross Borough Council
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Extract of sample "Proposal projects of cultural center / library in OldCross Borough Council"

Download file to see previous pages He notes that it depends specifically on what the purchaser, whom in this case is a politician would justify as the real value for money.
In any procurement and utilization of public funds as is the case with Oldcross Borough Council, achievement of the value for money should always be an overarching consideration. No project should ever be allowed to miss a point in the public investment project. The sponsoring agent should have the basics of the value for money at the back of their minds from the initialization of the project all the way to its completion. This requires therefore that value for money tests are carried out at different points of the investment. This requires that the available information as at that stage is used to determine if at all the investment proposal or even the project is really worth the money that is being utilized (Public Private Partnership).
Section 1.14 of the Main PPP Guidelines (2006) states that for a specific project, deciding on the value of money if it has been achieved one has to consider the various costs involved. This thus requires that one puts into consideration all the cost even those that are not involved in the procurement process, for example, with this project, the cost land might be forgotten since it is a sunk cost, yet it is also part of the cost. The land may be available currently but the fact that it can be used for other council activities means that it is also a cost one should consider. The opportunity cost involved in not using the land for other activities determines the value of that land. The other way would be by considering the cost that the council would undergo to purchase the land had it not been available.
For this project, one is required to consider the overall project’s value for money. This requires one to determine of the overall project will offer the required value for money. There is also need to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Proposal Projects of Cultural Center / Library in OldCross Borough Assignment.
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