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Solids Conveying - Essay Example

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The operation of the two conveyors depends on one gear, however the conveyors move in opposite direction. The use of a single gear is to ensure that…
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Solids Conveying
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Extract of sample "Solids Conveying"

Download file to see previous pages In our everyday life, items need to move from one point to another, for efficiency, for different reasons such as construction, packaging in industries, assembly houses and manufacturing industries. Nevertheless, some of these items are too heavy or bulk for an ordinary person to move them, thus, the need for solid conveying systems. According to (Colijn 1985) conveyor systems are mechanically constructed equipments that help in moving bulk materials from one point to another. Thus, systems make work easier and enhance efficiency in production.
A pneumatic Conveying system is a type of system that uses gases as a medium of transportation of materials of any size or magnitude from one point to another. Air is the most appropriate medium of transportation of material in many systems with the exemption of systems that are most likely to have reactors or systems that faces potential threat of explosion of dust particles, which when mixed with air, reduces the productivity of the air as a medium (Klinzing 2010). The productivity of a pneumatic conveying system depends entirely on how it is set up. For instance if a the system is set up with the required standards and protocols, it become efficient and economical to any organization that uses it as it is simple, affordable and easy to maintain during installation and operation. In addition, the system is sealed fully and there is no contact between other moving parts and the system, thus enhances the cleanliness of the system and makes the system environmental friendly. Subsequently the pneumatic Conveying system is very flexible especially when the organization decides to have an expansion of the system. These systems are convenient for fine powders or pellets that have densities from about 16 to 3200 kg /m3, thus these systems work efficiently and conveniently with particles of up to 2 inches density in diameter, as this is its general rule for its convenience (Colijn 1985). Pneumatic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Solids Conveying Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
“Solids Conveying Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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