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I find it pleasing to understand the all the details in the workings of a machinery, that when put together with other small details make up the function of that particular piece of equipment. Finding out these details and the operation of technology in general is my passion…
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Whole Life Concept Project.Engineering
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Whole Life Concept Model Whole Life Concept Model I find it pleasing to understand the all the details in the workings of a machinery, that when put together with other small details make up the function of that particular piece of equipment. Finding out these details and the operation of technology in general is my passion. It is a love I developed in early childhood. This was mainly by taking toys apart when I got curious as to what exactly got the wheels on a toy car to spin, for example. Overtime, the interest grew to learning the inner working of other home appliances such as the radio, a curiosity that keeps progressing to more complex pieces of equipment with time. The development of my passion was highly a factor of close relatives that allowed me to act on whatever I was curious about. With time, the need to know more has enabled me to develop my passion for technology. This has also been cultivated by those that have acted as my tutors, from early childhood to this point. These people encouraged my inquisitive nature, with that, providing a lot of knowledge and experiences that have enabled me to develop my passion. I feel my strengths, values and experiences are different from those of others. This is because I am one to invest a lot of time in the things I do, which includes learning about technology and striving to be the best. In being the best at technological issues, I hope to one day be able to, on a large scale, teach children and teenagers that have the same passion how to be better at it. Secondly, I would like to participate in developing technology that can act as solutions to some of the issues in the world today. Finally, I am hoping to become a world-renowned consultant on matters of technology. There are issues emerging that may have a direct impact on technology. First, is the advancement in artificial intelligence, whereby manual tasks may be overtaken by automated ones.1 Secondly, there is the proposed gradual phasing out of trading with cash to the use of implanted chips.2. Finally, is the projected use of predictive algorithms to predict health problems in patients.3 In order to work towards becoming part of all this, I will require intensive and extensive knowledge of computers for purposes of research. In addition, another useful skill is in design of various useful products. I am considering engineering major. This major is at par with my whole life concept since it allows me to work with technology, which I am passionate about. In addition, it fits with my developed skills and abilities. This major will enable me to work towards leaving a positive impact in the society. The only concern I have with my chosen major currently is whether it may be limiting to everything I would like to achieve in the field of technology. This should be answered in the course of my study, as I learn about all the things I can do with the skills I will be developing. I believe that the major is the best fit for me because, through it, I gain an academic understanding of the workings of machinery and hence develop my knowledge. One of the prerequisite courses for my major is physics. The groundwork laid in physics should be useful at this point. Another course is one on computers, which will aid in the computer-technical areas of study. Engineering will be useful in expanding my knowledge on technology. I intend to take up software engineering to develop my knowledge of programming. Another course is automotive engineering to help with design of locomotives. Finally is manufacturing engineering, where I will learn about manufacturing practices. One of the jobs that would suit me is a manufacturing engineer with Kelly Services in Jacksonville. The starting salary is 34901 USD Yearly.The job requires knowledge in electronics literacy, among other things.4 The second job is with Aversan Inc. in Glendale, no salary indicated. The qualifications are a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering, and knowledge in dynamic analysis.5 Finally is a job with industrial Design Service in Idaho, requiring a bachelor’s in Engineering.6 The relevant non-academic knowledge will be acquired from working with mentors in the field. This will give me a feel for a hands-on approach to practicing my skills. In addition, it will teach me how to deal with clients. Finally, it will act as a basis for gathering the experience requires to work towards finding a job that is more suitable to my needs. My passion is technology, I plan to help others achieve greatness in the same field and come up with useful appliances. The whole life concept model is important since it keeps me focused on my career objectives, it provides direction towards my goal, and gives a picture of the impact of my passion. This assignment is important since it has enabled me to discover what I need to go forward, has helped shape my impact goals and has given me an idea of where I could practice my skills. My commitment to engineering has been increased since there is so much to do with a degree in engineering, most of which is aimed at making a positive contribution to the world. Bibliography Kirsh,David. Foundations of Artificial Intelligence. Cambridge: MIT Press, 1992. Learn for Good, “Engineering Jobs in the U.S.A,” (accessed October 3, 2013) Mechanical Engineering Profession, "Current Issues in Technology and Society,” (accessed October 3, 2013) Skinner, Chris. The Future of Banking in a Globalized World. London, John Wiley & Sons, 2007. Read More
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