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Limit switches - Research Paper Example

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Date Limit Switches Abstract and Introduction of Sensor Abstract In this paper, several aspects regarding limit switches are considered, firstly, there is the introductory part of the limit switches and the roles they operate as sensors…
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Limit switches
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Extract of sample "Limit switches"

Download file to see previous pages The theoretical understanding on how the sensor operates and achieves it roles is also adequately highlighted considering the glaring points and lastly there is a conclusion that considers all the possible developments that should be embraces in the sensors if they have to be dependable. Introduction It is important to understand that limit switches are the type of sensor that are used for the recognition of absence or presence. In this doing, limit switches as a form of sensors do have the arm, lever, plunger and knob that is either physically of mechanical activated to make contact with adjusted objects, with the contact existing between the objects and the switch’s actuator and moves it to the ‘limit’. With this kind of operation, it is possible to mount a limit switch in a remote location to enable its actuation by another object and not necessarily a human being. A limit switch plays the following roles; detecting the presence and absence, speed detection, counting, detection of movement range, breaking of circuits when required due to unsafe situations (Zhang 57a). As a sensor, limit switches have various advantages and disadvantages alike, some of the advantages includes; it can sustain switches with high level current of up to 10A, it can also with stand most of the environmental conditions, finally, it is more precise and accurate coupled with its being economical in sensing (Zhang 49a). The weaknesses of the same system are that there has to be a physical contact for the sensor to operate and again, the mechanical parts of the sensor can always wear out. History of Sensor With the initial invention being that of the micro switch, there has been remarkable improvement in the development of the limit switches to ensure some of the most complicated controls are managed. The picture below illustrates one of the limit switches currently used in Moving parts of abridge Who invented the Sensor? The invention of a limit switch dates back to 1932 when Peter McGall came up with the micro switch when he was employed by one of the battery companies, Burgess (Zhang 67b). From then, there has been development of a limit switch to the contemporary usage with the same application. How and where is it Currently used in Industry Many industries use the application that is provided by limit switches, in food and beverages industries, there is intense freezing of food. In the freezing process, there is the use of the automatic pallet staking system that uses a wobble stick limit-switch for detection of the loading of pellets in the right position. The switch then sends the signals to the conveyor for the transfer of the load through the vertical door to the freezer for quick freezing (Zhang 77b). In most of the manufacturing industries, there is need for closing the doors in the fastest way possible in cases of contamination or fire, the doors are at times designed to close at a speed of six feet per second. The speed can results into breakages and destruction of the doors, there is then need that the doors slow when about to completely open or close, this is a achieved with the help of the limit switches. There are many other places where limit switches are used for the control of further damages. Theory behind Sensor/ how it works Limit switches operates on the simple fact that they switch on and off depending on the activity, that takes place. In this regard, for the limit switch to initiate a response there is obviously a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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