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PROCUREMENT METHODS AND TENDERING ARRANGEMENT by University Name Date Introduction Owing to the fact that brick flood-relief sewer has broken down, there is need to repair the system. This is to make sure that the sewer system will continue to serve Uxbridge Water plc (UW) customers in accordance to the initial design…
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Sustainable Construction, Management and Professional Studies
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, there is also need to ensure that the repair works goes on well in accordance to the design. These expectations will actually be guided by the contracts between Uxbridge Water plc and the designer as well as the contractor for repair works. Consequently, this report outlines the procedure that will be used during the procurement and contract matters for the repair works. Procurement method Since Uxbridge Water plc is aware of the construction process and more over it has a professional team who will play a significant role in the repair works, it is therefore crucial that the company uses design and build procurement method. Although the method is very important in cases where the client, or the company is not familiar with the construction process, the design and build contracting method works well on the projects which has no design and there is need for a design before commencing with the repair works (Macaulay, 2002). It is also crucial when the project contains a high level of technical complexity and will therefore require complex designs. Consequently, the current project involves the repair of a sewer line which evidently is complex. Moreover, the method is good since it calls for a quick start of the project as well as the company can prioritize on time, price or quality. This is very important in this particular project since it needs to be completed as fast as possible owing to the detrimental effects associated with broken sewers. This directly affects the hygiene and brings about pollution of land and air, therefore it can be costly to the company. Consequently, it is important to use the design and build procurement, since it will also give chance for having single point responsibility of the repair works. The method also transfers most of the risks to the contractor. The risks include those associated with money, default, completion and time. Moreover, the risk associated with quality will not only give an opportunity to state the expected quality but also it lies with the contractor. Other contracting methods Notably, there are other contracting methods which despite the fact that they are good they are not relevant to this specific project. These contracting methods include the design and build method, management contracting ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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