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The Argument That Street Smarts Should Not Be Overlooked in Gerald Graff's Hidden Intellectualism - Essay Example

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This essay is "The Argument That Street Smarts Should Not Be Overlooked in Gerald Graff's Hidden Intellectualism". In his influential article “Hidden Intellectualism”, Gerald Graff ensures that the attitude to students with “street smarts” should not be negative, as they may succeed in the expression of the skills that relate not only to studying literature. …
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Extract of sample "The Argument That Street Smarts Should Not Be Overlooked in Gerald Graff's Hidden Intellectualism"

Download file to see previous pages Day by day, they become more interested in studying sports and fashion subjects, so the attention to such young people should be turned to letting them train their skills even outside the school environment. In his article, the author is focused on the argument that street smarts should not be overlooked; in Gerald Graff’s “Hidden Intellectualism” this opinion is supported by the principles of common sense and logical correspondence to realities, as well as numerous examples from the school environment. To emphasize the focal point of the article, Graff uses intentional mechanisms of the persuasive speech and numerous rhetorical devices that highlight the positive aspects of the advanced studying of the literature.  In the article, Graff employs the main idea along with the opportunity to convince teachers to relate their methods to the advanced solutions based on the extracurricular activities that let students think more about the chances to improve their potential benefits while studying literature. In his article, Graff is aware that hidden intellectualism is the still unexplored field in the niche of cognitive science, so students may improve their behaviors to let the right time and day come when they can take more advantage of studying at school. In this relation, Graff uses the extended option to make the emphasis on the point that the role of “street smarts” should not be overlooked within the learning process because it is the chance for students to put forward their life skills in school and obtain the further qualification within the selected field of study. The article by Graff uses the space to enlighten the environmental benefits of school employed to extend the horizons that young people can grasp and touch within the learning process. Following the article by Graff, why relate this experience exclusively to the beneficial training of knowledge-seeking techniques? The role of the teacher in this practical experience is to put forward the necessary solutions applicable for “street smarts” because it is evident that such students can be more skillful and clever if they are just encouraged to be themselves without the need to wear off a fake mask of realities. The article by Graff includes numerous examples from the past ages that highlight the differences between intellectuals and non-intellectuals. For instance, to prove his argument, he adjusts the example of the marriage by Arthur Miller and Marylyn Monroe, where the concept of the “hidden intellectualism” is meant to highlight the opportunity for an actress to marry an explicitly “shining” intellectual staying a “street smart” child within her soul. According to Graff, the problem of the hidden intellectualism makes sense not only when it is necessary to expose conditional variations between theory and practice of cognitive behavior, but when it is needed to take more time to think about what life truly is. In the article, Graff supports the point that it is better to expose intellectualism in different dimensions because it is known that “street smarts” can even do much better in life and business if their endeavors are praised. Graff persuades the reader that obtaining knowledge is more of trying hard, but it is required to apply your talents and let them work for the community. Graff suggests the solution to act and praise the endeavors of teachers not to overlook “street smarts”. Graff could have improved his article by adding more details and examples to the content canvas, so his argument can sound more sound and smart. The presentation of it should be enhanced by the holistic manner of outlining the facts and behavioral patterns of youth, so they can make a difference between knowledge and skillfulness. Rationally, if a teacher, according to Graff, can take more advantage of cooperating with school “street smarts”, they can contribute to the advanced behavioral patterns without consideration of their social status and income of their parents. This article will help to grow their leadership potential and talents in contribution to socially engaged practices.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Argument That Street Smarts Should Not Be Overlooked in Gerald Gra Essay.
(The Argument That Street Smarts Should Not Be Overlooked in Gerald Gra Essay)
The Argument That Street Smarts Should Not Be Overlooked in Gerald Gra Essay.
“The Argument That Street Smarts Should Not Be Overlooked in Gerald Gra Essay”.
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