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Gender and Language in Social Relations - Dissertation Example

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This paper “Gender and Language in Social Relations” will not only delve into gender as a discipline but will also debate about the different implications of different gender definitions and approaches used in analyzing the production and interpretation of texts and speeches…
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Gender and Language in Social Relations
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Download file to see previous pages The researchers found more interruptions among those who spoke to females as opposed to those who spoke to males. In this context, the researchers cited that they were yet to learn why it happens this way. Countless psychology books have also tried to explain this phenomenon by coming up with theories like the Mars and Venus theory just but to mention a few. Deborah Cameron, in her article in the Guardian, tried to explain this theory. She says that the differences ascribed to males and females in terms of conversation are not products of nature but of nurture where the wiring of the female brain makes her excel in verbal tasks while the male is adapted to visual-spatial and mathematical tasks. She further attests to the fact that women prefer to talk while men prefer actions (Victor, 2009).
An essential factor ascribed to successful conversation revolves around whether the individuals that are conversing uphold the ideal conversation model that entails taking turns when speaking. What this means is that at any given time, only one speaker ought to relay their information after which the other speaks. Participants normally attempt to maintain smooth shifts of speaking to keep the conversation flowing. It is, however, common, in light of gender disparity, for individuals to disregard the turn-taking protocol ascribed to a conversation. More often than not, males interrupt female speakers and usurp the speaker rights entitled to the female speaker at that particular time. They often assume the turn to speak whenever they want irrespective of whether the incumbent speaker stops. (Jane, 2005). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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