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Impacts of Grammar on Students Writing Skills - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Impacts of Grammar on Students’ Writing Skills,” the research questions are: Does teaching grammar impact writing? What are the roles of grammar teaching in writing? What are the effective ways of teaching grammar that can enhance writing skills?…
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Impacts of Grammar on Students Writing Skills
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Extract of sample "Impacts of Grammar on Students Writing Skills"

Download file to see previous pages What are the roles of grammar teaching in writing? What are the effective ways of teaching grammar that can enhance writing skills? Teaching grammar positively impacts writing, but it depends on grammar teaching approaches and the knowledge of teachers in teaching it creatively and contextually. Grammar has the roles of providing the basic structure for writing, improving critical thinking, and connecting language to meaning-making in writing. Though there is no one way of teaching grammar effectively to both native and non-native speakers, some effective ways of teaching grammar that can enhance writing skills are teaching grammar with consideration to both form and meaning and finding a process-based approach that fits students’ language knowledge and skills and their communicative needs and purposes.
This section describes the research design and the scope and limitations of this paper. This research relies on secondary research for its research design. It finds trends, agreements, and disagreements as part of its contribution to the theory and practice of teaching grammar in relation to teaching writing skills. It uses Google, JSTOR, and EBSCO databases in searching for relevant studies. This paper also includes studies that have different cohorts, from grade school to high school to college/graduate students and both native and non-native English speakers. The keywords are “grammar”, “writing,” and “teaching.” Moreover, it intends to answer questions about “if” and “when” teaching grammar is important to better writing. This is an informative paper because it does not argue for specific viewpoints about grammar’s effects on the writing abilities of students. Instead, it illustrates and connects studies that support the view that grammar is good for writing and that its impacts on the latter are products of effective ways of teaching grammar for thinking and writing purposes.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Impacts of Grammar on Students Writing Skills Assignment.
(Impacts of Grammar on Students Writing Skills Assignment)
Impacts of Grammar on Students Writing Skills Assignment.
“Impacts of Grammar on Students Writing Skills Assignment”.
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