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NAPLAN and KLA Learning Programs Use in the Classroom - Assignment Example

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This paper under the following headline 'NAPLAN and KLA Learning Programs Use in the Classroom" focuses on the fact that the school has a focus on teaching English and Mathematics. This is accomplished through engaging lessons that get the students involved. …
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Extract of sample "NAPLAN and KLA Learning Programs Use in the Classroom"

Download file to see previous pages The school is involved with another program that focuses on reading; this program is known as ‘Focus on Reading’. This program is a research-based program in which the school is involved in to enhance the vocabulary, fluency, and reading comprehension of students. Also, the learning focus is completed by engaging students with hands-on activities. In addition, the school does hold up the English and literacy skills of students to be their strengths. The school has determined this through NAPLAN results. However, the school does aim for its students to achieve higher results as programs are put into place, and this includes all the programs previously mentioned.

The school has adopted a child-centred approach in its teaching methods. This child-centred view can be witnessed in the classroom, where students are actively engaged in class discussions and can explain their thinking. Also, through this child-centred view, the learning styles of students are taken into account. This approach also deals with cooperative learning in which children are encouraged to work together. In the classroom, students are required to work in groups for some of the classroom activities.

The classroom teacher does use the classroom’s philosophy, as the teacher is involved with all of the programs. She uses the ‘Focus on Reading’ program and also prepares students for NAPLAN so that they will understand it the following year. Also, the ‘Focus on Reading’ program requires teachers to complete training every fortnight.

The classroom teacher is encouraged to set out the classroom in a way that will engage and guide the students. Hence, the way in which a teacher organises the classroom is important for student learning (Hayes, Mills, Christie & Lingard, 2006). The teacher does make use of some pedagogy in the classroom so that all students can achieve their best. Pedagogically, the teacher shows the four productive pedagogies in her classroom. In the classroom, it is clear that intellectual quality is focused on (Hayes, Mills, Christie & Lingard, 2006).   ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(NAPLAN and KLA Learning Programs Use in the Classroom Assignment, n.d.)
NAPLAN and KLA Learning Programs Use in the Classroom Assignment.
(NAPLAN and KLA Learning Programs Use in the Classroom Assignment)
NAPLAN and KLA Learning Programs Use in the Classroom Assignment.
“NAPLAN and KLA Learning Programs Use in the Classroom Assignment”.
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