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Advocacy Position Paper on Student Debt - Coursework Example

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This work called "Advocacy Position Paper on Student Debt" describes students' rights, debts from the educational organization. From this work, it is clear that avoiding the use of credit cards and working part-time are some of the ways a student can avoid student debt…
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Advocacy Position Paper on Student Debt
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Extract of sample "Advocacy Position Paper on Student Debt"

Download file to see previous pages And when they are successful in getting admission to such an organization, they apply for student loans so that they can help their parents in getting low pressure due to their fees.
The educational institutions are formalizing their policies in such a way that they should help the students in getting the best educational training and also obtaining the dues within the set time frame. The statement of position exists in the form that students should be provided this facility in a lenient way but in compliance with the institution’s policies.
The student debt started when in the US high need for funding the youngsters for their education was felt. The government believed that education is the primary responsibility of parents for their children and if they are not able to provide the money to get an education in a renowned institution then the government must allow the institutions to help such students. In the US, one of the first acts was passed after the Second World War which was named as National Defense Education Act. Not only this, but many acts were passed by the government to ensure that the government and educational institutions are working towards the goal. People were positioned on the posts so that they can manage and look after all the areas regarding student funds in organizations. Student financial assistance was administered to promote this and the positive response was seen in this regard.
In 1993, the Budget Reconciliation Act included the William D. Ford Federal Direct Student Loans program. This program allowed students to borrow directly from participating schools who, in turn, got funds directly from the U.S. Department of Education.
From the years’ performance, we see that student loans are playing their part inconsiderable way. Everybody is having equal opportunity to get a high and quality education. The kind of studies that were needed by a high professional to get a good job and work well some four to five years ago, now that number has increased. Those people who did not get the opportunity to study so well are now seen working as taxi drivers or serving as waiters in some restaurants.
Student loans’ goal was to provide students an equal chance to get high education to become some prominent figure in society and prove best in their lives, based on not only what they wanted but also on what they could afford. When fully educated people enter the working field with the help of their financial aid, they have to work hard to overcome that debt and that contributes a lot to the welfare of the society and country. That, indeed, creates economic competition in the world which is quite healthy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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