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Reading English for Academic Purposes - Literature review Example

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This work "Reading English for Academic Purposes" describes conditions that motivate students to engage in reading activities. The author outlines three articles and a conclusion to each of them. From this work, it is clear about the difference in the usage of language learning strategies between higher and lower proficiency, positive aspects of these strategies. …
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Reading English for Academic Purposes
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Extract of sample "Reading English for Academic Purposes"

Download file to see previous pages Using the descriptive methodology and adopting the interview as a preliminary data gathering technique, experiences of three business major students in reading content-area textbooks were audio-recorded and analyzed to obtain information on how these students were able to sustain their reading under a pedagogical environment. On the basis of the interviews, a questionnaire in the native language of the business major students which would later serve as the primary research instrument was drafted and improved by the researcher with the assistance of these same students. The final version of the instrument is in English with 18 statements where the respondents will indicate their responses in a Likert-type questionnaire with a few open-ended questions to solicit information on subject areas for which the respondents would be most willing to read English texts and their reasons for such choices.
The questionnaire was then administered to a total of 248 students from five randomly selected classes in a university of science and technology in Taiwan. A response rate of about 85% or 212 data sets were generated. From the data sets obtained, the typical student participant in the study has completed at least a 3-year vocational high school and a 2-year program equivalent to the first two years of a four-year college program, majoring either in Business Administration or International Trade and had taken courses in English. Data obtained were statistically treated using descriptive (mean and standard deviation; frequency counts) and inferential (factor analysis) measures.
From the data indicated in Table 1, the top motivating circumstances were selected based on the highest mean of ratings for the statements and the lowest standard deviations. The standard deviation is the square root of the variance and is most frequently used as a measure of the dispersion of data (Picciano, 2004). Lower values of the SD each statement or condition, relative to the other conditions, suggest smaller variation in perception among the respondents and hence, the generality of perception.
Factor analysis was applied to examine the presence of common factors behind the learners’ motivation for EAP reading since this technique was developed to investigate mutual relationships among a number of measurements made on a measurable entity (McDonald, 1985). Item 5 was removed from the factor analysis because it seemed to be a more complicated condition according to the researcher and displayed different characteristics compared with the 17 other items. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reading English for Academic Purposes Literature review.
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Reading English for Academic Purposes Literature Review.
“Reading English for Academic Purposes Literature Review”.
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