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Leadership: a Critical Construction - Personal Statement Example

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For learning all these skills, I adopted a certain learning style, which should be described before the description of the skills that I have learnt. I have done a literature review for the comprehension of…
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Leadership: a Critical Construction
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Extract of sample "Leadership: a Critical Construction"

Download file to see previous pages I experienced all the theories by different writers by working on them practically. While working in a group, I found out communication plays a very important role in group performance. Team working, communication and leadership, all are very important in group working and a group cannot work and perform successfully in the absence of these skills and because of these skills being poor. During my work, I found out communication, whether it is written communication, verbal communication or face-to-face communication, is very important in all its forms because it is only because of communication that we are able to deliver our messages and ideas to each other.
Leadership also plays an important role because a leader is required not to use his/her power negatively but to an extent that is persuasive for the group members. The leader should be able to make people follow him/her because of his persuasiveness and skills of leadership. As far as team working is concerned, no group can act and appear effectively without an effective team working. The group or team is always required to work in a manner that each and every member is able to support other members and the work represented is as a whole a team working and not an individual task.
The importance of communication at the workplace is so vehement that no organization can succeed without properly considering into account the communication means, their effectiveness and the ways to improve it. It is understood that communication is very crucial for organizations (Butterfield 1995). That is why great emphasis is laid on its studies and organizations give due consideration for better communication techniques and concepts to improve its communication between co-workers, its clients, and customers, within an interacting organization and in a hierarchical system.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Leadership: a Critical Construction Personal Statement - 1.
(Leadership: A Critical Construction Personal Statement - 1)
Leadership: A Critical Construction Personal Statement - 1.
“Leadership: A Critical Construction Personal Statement - 1”.
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