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Language Learning Strategies of Listening Comprehension - Case Study Example

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This work "Language Learning Strategies of Listening Comprehension" demonstrates the characteristics of learning disabilities of students. From this work, it is clear that teachers must be trained to assess and identify problem readers at a young age. Teachers can only help students when their knowledge base is increased by solid research designed to support the identification of LD accurately…
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Extract of sample "Language Learning Strategies of Listening Comprehension"

Download file to see previous pages While some progress has been made during the past decade in establishing more precise definitions and a theoretically based classification system for an LD, it is useful to understand these historical influences because of their continuing impact on diagnostic and treatment practices for children with learning disabilities. The first part of this essay will address the definitional issues, which have molded the field of learning disabilities into its present form, and how to resolve these issues so we can meet the social and educational needs of individuals who display characteristics of learning disabilities. Because LD is often misinterpreted to be synonymous with reading disability or dyslexia, most of the available information concerning learning disabilities related to reading disabilities, and the majority of the children with LD have their main deficits in reading (Torgenson, 1991). Therefore, the second part of this essay will address the relationship between students' lack of metacognitive skills and reading problems. Also, in order to better understand the difficulties faced by students and teachers in the field of LD, reading disability was chosen for it is one of the more common problems; hence, an examination of this relationship provides a closer look at a concrete example of LD.
The prevalence of LD identification has increased dramatically (Torgenson, 1991); however, this identification or realness is in a debate because of the lack of an agreed-upon definition of LD and objective diagnostic criteria. The increase in the identification of children with learning disabilities has led many to question the validity and reliability of LD as a diagnostic category. Yet, it is critical that the procedures for identifying children and adults with LD be valid and accepted by the scientific and clinical communities. How do we go about increasing the ability to identify individuals with LD accurately? The answer depends on how valid estimates can be obtained from a set of criteria for identification that are clear, observable, measurable, and agreed upon. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Language Learning Strategies of Listening Comprehension Case Study, n.d.)
Language Learning Strategies of Listening Comprehension Case Study.
(Language Learning Strategies of Listening Comprehension Case Study)
Language Learning Strategies of Listening Comprehension Case Study.
“Language Learning Strategies of Listening Comprehension Case Study”.
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