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Outlining Explicit Learning Objectives and Outcomes for Teachers and Students - Report Example

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This report is aimed to present a discussion on explicit teaching specifically using the WALT and WILF by Shirley Clarke. The WALT (What we are learning today…) and WILF (What I’m looking for…) are phrases that are used by the teachers to assist in the organization of thoughts of the students…
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Outlining Explicit Learning Objectives and Outcomes for Teachers and Students
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Extract of sample "Outlining Explicit Learning Objectives and Outcomes for Teachers and Students"

Download file to see previous pages Explicit learning is presented by teaching the specific concepts individually and mastery occurs then after. The main key in such a mode of teaching is being highly structured in every activity that is undertaken inside the classroom can be considered as part of the organization of the technique. One of the defining features of the technique is the fact that the teacher commonly points out the part of the lesson where they are in, thus, the term used is explicit teaching (Boyles, 2002).
The explicit form of teaching can be considered to fit lessons that are considered to introduce certain concepts, ideas or skills that are needed to be learned and that the students have low familiarity or experience with. For that matter, the explicit manner of teaching the lesson points out to the student the proper development of thoughts and the successive phases that are needed to be taken to achieve the objectives of the study (Boyles, 2002).
The study undertaken is an outlining of explicit teaching on the basis of specific methods. Included in the aims of the research process is to present a background on the explicit teaching and the general process for which it is undertaken. Subsequently, the presentation of the processes and the defining points of explicit teaching will be presented. In addition, the uses and roles of the specific explicit techniques involving WALT and WILF by Shirley Clarke will be expounded.
Explicit learning had developed through the results of different studies undertaken related to the most effective teaching and learning techniques through the course of history.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Outlining Explicit Learning Objectives and Outcomes for Teachers and Report, n.d.)
Outlining Explicit Learning Objectives and Outcomes for Teachers and Report.
(Outlining Explicit Learning Objectives and Outcomes for Teachers and Report)
Outlining Explicit Learning Objectives and Outcomes for Teachers and Report.
“Outlining Explicit Learning Objectives and Outcomes for Teachers and Report”.
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