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Holistic Approaches to Infant Development 0-8 Years - Term Paper Example

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"Holistic Approaches to Infant Development 0-8 Years" paper states that parents and advocacy groups strive hard to work for their benefit.  With the overriding belief that they are tomorrow’s leaders who will inherit and rule the earth, they are to be regarded with due care and respect…
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Holistic Approaches to Infant Development 0-8 Years
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Extract of sample "Holistic Approaches to Infant Development 0-8 Years"

Download file to see previous pages see the child as like a seed that contains all the elements to produce a fruit if given the proper amounts of nutrients from the soil and water along with sunshine and an ideal climate (Brewer, 2001). The Constructivists, founded on the works of Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky, believe that children are not passive recipients of knowledge, rather, they actively work at organizing their experience into constructing their own learning.
The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is a resource for early childhood care and education practitioners to support the needs of young children under their care. It sets standards for learning, development and care for children up to five years of age. EYFS provides a wide variety of information on child development to help practitioners understand how children grow and what they need to help them optimize their potentials. The use of this resource will effectively enable early childhood settings to meet the key outcomes outlined in Every Child Matters and to ensure that high quality service is provided to the children.
Caring for all children regardless of age involves many considerations. One is to see each child at his or her own developmental level and create activities and opportunities appropriate to their particular levels. The child needs to develop holistically, meaning each developmental area is given attention to so growth and development as a whole person ensues. The specific areas of learning and development, as identified in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) are: Personal, social and emotional development; Communication, language and literacy; Problem-solving, reasoning and numeracy; Knowledge and understanding of the world; Physical development and Creative development (EYFS, 2008) These are all linked together, as in development in one area affects the others.
The process of growth and maturity of an individual entails development in physical, cognitive, social, emotional and moral areas. Development ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Holistic Approaches to Infant Development 0-8 Years Term Paper.
(Holistic Approaches to Infant Development 0-8 Years Term Paper)
Holistic Approaches to Infant Development 0-8 Years Term Paper.
“Holistic Approaches to Infant Development 0-8 Years Term Paper”.
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