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Evaluation of the Course: Teaching and Learning Strategies - Term Paper Example

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Within "Evaluation of the Course: Teaching and Learning Strategies", the author discusses the aspects of the Teaching and Learning Strategies course using the information from "Teaching Tips: Instructional Design" that I found from the University of Alabama's School of Medicine…
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Evaluation of the Course: Teaching and Learning Strategies
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Extract of sample "Evaluation of the Course: Teaching and Learning Strategies"

Download file to see previous pages I will begin my evaluation with the objectives of the course, discuss a theory that is relevant to learning styles to see how it fits with the course and then provide my conclusions about how this course meets the objectives of the course.

 I am assuming that the Teaching and Learning Strategies class was created for students at the college level who were going into some form of teaching or training.

To evaluate this course it is a good idea to start from the beginning and look at the objectives. As I was looking for references in this process, I found a website that had tips for designing instruction that I felt would offer me a structure to work within. According to "Instructional Design," the instructional design process has three purposes:

This looked like some things that would be interesting to address. The first section of the course to address is the objectives. According to the "Instructional Design" process step, 4 of the design process is to develop performance objectives. To do this we have to distinguish between "instructional goals" and "instructional objectives":
2. Relevant Conditions -- there is some type of conditions that the learner is to assume in order to take action ("given the patients' history", "with the use of this information from laboratory results").

Evaluation: This objective has the action ("define," "trace") but it doesn't have the conditions under which the action will take place nor does it have a performance standard. The professor would need to add more information about how students were to work on a bit more because right now it does not say what the student is to use to find the definitions. It doesn't tell how many kinds of teaching or learning definitions we need or how many historical events we need. These are not measurable objectives so it might be difficult to grade them.

Evaluation: To make the objectives consistent, it may have been a good idea to add another one as was done in Week 1. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Evaluation of the Course: Teaching and Learning Strategies Term Paper.
(Evaluation of the Course: Teaching and Learning Strategies Term Paper)
Evaluation of the Course: Teaching and Learning Strategies Term Paper.
“Evaluation of the Course: Teaching and Learning Strategies Term Paper”.
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