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It is evident from the presence of in-texts citations of various authors. Foss and Rawson are examples of such authors cited in…
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Stylistic Analysis of peer Reviewed Articles
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Stylistic Analysis of Peer Reviewed Articles al Affiliation Stylistic Analysis of Peer Reviewed Articles In the first article, which is an analysis of the intention of iPad and video on JHS students’ confidence and anxiety, the language used is formal. It is evident from the presence of in-texts citations of various authors. Foss and Rawson are examples of such authors cited in the article. The level of vocabulary used is clear and understandable to the reader. It is direct and focuses on a particular discipline.
In the second article, which is about the effect of school facilities on academic outcomes, the language used is interactive. It is evident in the way the article uses a less formal layout of presentation. There are no references from other sources of information are conservative and keenly asserted by the author. The article is based on the author’s perspective. Federspiel and Fisks works are an example used by the author. The level of vocabulary used is intermediate to enhance comprehension of the article. It focuses on a particular discipline (Matsuoka, 2005).
In the third article, which is a report prepared by the Ministry of Education, the language used is formal. It is mainly because it is a formal report addressed to the ministry related to education. The use of tables, presence of introductive and conclusive sub-headings in the work further support that it is a formal article (Ockert, 2012). Quotations from trustees, students and teachers cater for the void left by the absence of in-text citations that are common in formal texts. The level of vocabulary used is interactive to enhance the effectiveness of the delivery of the message intended to be passed to the ministry. However, it is not specific to a particular discipline.
Matsuoka, R. (2005). Willingness to communicate among Japanese college students.
In Proceedings of the 10th Conference of Pan-Pacific Association of Applied Linguistics (pp. 165–176). Retrieved from
Ockert, D. (2012). Do Japanese jhs students have Ideal l2 Selves? Evidence from
in progress on the influence of multimedia use on affective variables. In A. Stewart & N. Sonda (Eds.), jalt2011 Conference Proceedings, (pp. 168–178). Tokyo: jalt. Read More
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