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Teacher Preperation Programs are Failing to Preapare General Education Teachers for Students With Disabilities - Essay Example

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Whether normal persons or people with disabilities, it is crucial that an individual gets a quality education from their teachers. Unlike long time ago where students with disabilities were isolated and segregated from normal…
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Teacher Preperation Programs are Failing to Preapare General Education Teachers for Students With Disabilities
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Download file to see previous pages It is, therefore, very important that all general teachers get general training and additional skills on how to deal and handle cases of disabilities in their classrooms. This is because they are assured that sometimes they will have to encounter such students with disabilities either now or later in their career. Despite this, most colleges do not always provide general teachers with the necessary skills and developments to deal with students with disabilities.
Most of the courses offered do not put much effort on the special needs students. Most college courses have insufficient coursework and requirements for proper preparation. Despite the fact that majority of colleges have adopted and developed basic courses on disabilities, there is a general belief that these courses are insufficient to provide knowledge to meet the needs of inclusive students (Kaya & Indiana University, Bloomington, 2008). The classes are just too basic and only introductory that in most cases do very little in providing the necessary knowledge to deal with inclusive students. Most of these coursework are also theoretical and do not provide any relevant life experience where teachers are required to have general knowledge on how to develop a one on one interaction technique with inclusive students.
Most of the college curriculums do not also encourage the development and training of teachers. Most of college curriculums were developed before there was a need for inclusive students and therefore in most cases lack the necessary mechanisms of delivering to the students with special needs. It is important that all teachers be well trained on the various ways of communicating with students with different forms of disabilities. For example augmentative and alternative communication systems, communication boards and talking various colleges must install word processors (Sprankle & Wilmington University, 2009). These will ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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