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Family studies on TV show-breaking bad - Research Paper Example

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The family is the basic unit of human existence and represents an association brought together by birth, marriage or co-residence and sharing common values, principles and belongings. The relationship among the members of a family may vary and include people who are siblings,…
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Family studies on TV show-breaking bad
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Download file to see previous pages It is the nucleus of civilization and the simplest social unit within the society that is established through marriage between the two couples (Dallos & Draper, 2010).
According to Aristotle, the family is the first community, the first society and the simplest form of government that has the power to determine the destiny of its people in the face of challenges and opportunities. Bad breaking, an American TV series explores the elements of a family and the devotion that parents make to their families to enable them live a better life in their presence and absence. The thought of an early death before the financial stability of his family is assured convinces him to begin producing methamphetamine, an illegal drug to maintain the status of his family.
As a man, he feels obligated to care for his family and use any means available to secure their present and future, even if the spouse leaves him due to his actions. In this paper, the elements of family as the basic unit of the society will be analyzed in line with the movie bad breaking to demonstrate the principles and elements of a family system.
The development of a family is covered under the family development theory that discuss the process of family development and the systematic changes that families experiences as they move up the development hierarchy. The family cycle theory was conceived by Reuben Hill and Evelyn Duvall in the 19th century to describe the stages of development that a family undergoes till death. Based on the two social researchers, family development underwent stages that began from the early marriages, couples with young children, children beginning independent lives out of home and the empty nest of retirement and death (Dallos & Draper, 2010).
Based on this approach, the family development can be studied from three levels of development which include the individual-psychological stage, the interactional-associational and the societal-institutional models ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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