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The essay "Reflection on Learning English from Foreigner Perspective" would provide a discussion concerning the challenges of learning English coming from Chinese descent. Additionally, the essay provides a look at the Chinese culture regarding food…
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Reflection on Learning English from Foreigner Perspective
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Self reflection It is factual to that I am not sure exactly what makes learning English a religion to me. As aclever Chinese boy, I used to be very good at physics and math. I like spending all time doing my math and physics, but I don’t want to waste time to do my English homework and practice my English skill. I don’t think there is reason that I should learn English, because I live in China and there is no chance to use English. In the meantime, I believed I could also be successful without learning English. However, something is changing in my mind. I gradually found English is amazing. I began my high school life at a very good school, specializing in math and physics. However, because my math score wasn’t satisfactory, I was asked to leave the school. Thereafter, I went to another high school that focused on English studies.
I still remember the day I walked into the classroom and saw my English teacher; she was so beautiful that her eyes brought me great warmth and caring, although I didn’t understand her first words to me, which were “good morning”. You have to take learning English one step at a time but at last I learned basic English which how to read, speak and write. Despite the process of language learning, it is good to look at the Chinese culture regarding food. For instance, the Thai food which most Chinese love to eat.
I was born and raised in China for around 20 years. It is so surprising that I found Chinese food in US was so much different from what I had in China. They may change the recipe but the ways chefs here cook the food are still similar to people do in China. I still remember once I talk to my roommate, who is one fourth Chinese, telling her that the common dish “Orange Chicken” does not exist in China actually. In this case, I think I am the person who is able to tell whether a dish is authentic or not because I am the one who was born and live in the country, share the value of the majority in the nation, involved in the cultural atmosphere and influenced by the context where the dish began to developed its popularity in the nation.
It is also interesting to talk about the moon cake gambling festival in china. The Moon cake gambling is originated from southern part of China, including Xiamen Fujian, as well as Taiwan. This traditional activity was first played for winning moon cakes. In other words, in the past people ran the game to decide who will have the moon cake and enjoy the victory of being luckiest person during the whole year. However, the gabling for moon cake changed nowadays in respect of not only the game itself but also the reward. Families gather for diner on Moon Festival. Before the mid autumn day, several of the family members will go shop for “award”. Awards for winners of moon cake gambling could be groceries, necessities or even other “big” gift such as microwave ovens and refrigerators. Read More
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