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Not only is this system aimed at connecting people with a shared belief together, but also has been one of the system that has created professional networks that have assisted its members all…
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Journal #3
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Education Journal #3: IU Fraternities and Sororities Indiana has one of the best acclaimed Greek fraternity and sorority systems. Not only is this system aimed at connecting people with a shared belief together, but also has been one of the system that has created professional networks that have assisted its members all through their lives. Unlike most universities, Indiana University takes its Greek System seriously. Besides following its values, the Greek System provides multiple platforms for the interaction and enjoyment of all members ranging from various academic events to annual sporting events.
The key objective of the Fraternity is Brotherhood and Sisterhood, a value that has been continually achieved all through the year, with Fraternity members living together and tackling most of their problems be it academic or even personal issues. Another value that Indiana University Fraternity has continually emphasized over the years is leadership development. This has been achieved through self-governance, where the Greek System provides a platform for students to govern themselves. These structures offer the members of the fraternities with a platform for leadership, assisting them to become better leaders in the future.
In addition to this value, another key value that the IU Greek system has always emphasized is the Civic Engagement. This has been also achieved through a variety of ways ranging from the Little 500 event, IU Sing and Intramurals. The Indiana University Fraternity and Sorority values have been followed adequately within the university and the Indiana University has achieved a majority if not all its values. The platforms provided by the university improve the Greek system, from the usual setting where it is purely used to create teamwork for extra curriculum activities, to a point where it improves the academic and career lives of all its members.
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Indiana University. "Individually Unique Together Complete." Indiana University Greek Life, 2009-2010. Web. April 22, 2014. Read More
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