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Data-Driven Decision Making - Essay Example

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The children in the society need to be prepared for the changes in the world therefore the curriculum developers need to be able to assess the needs of the children and the youth to prepare them for the future. Oliva and Gordon II (2012) stated that the important role of the…
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Data-Driven Decision Making
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"Data-Driven Decision Making"

Download file to see previous pages Oliva and Gordon II (2012) also stated that classrooms have to be evolved to meet the needs of the modern learner and of the global society in order for schools to provide a good learning environment. There are needs of society by level and by type; students who finish school need skills that are sufficient to enable them earn a livelihood in communities. To ensure that the students learn effectively curriculum guides are developed to outline the structure of each subject and the appropriate grade level for each topic with the performance objectives, standards, benchmarks, and competencies to be accomplished by the end of studying (Oliva and Gordon II, 2012). These curriculum guidelines enable students to complete school with the experience they require to involve themselves in the professional fields that are competent in the ever-changing global ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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