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Establishing Collective Commitment - Book Report/Review Example

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This research will begin with the statement that сollective commitment by each of the stakeholders will be paramount to assist in identification and analysis of behaviors which will further be used to evaluate and examine the program’s success…
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Establishing Collective Commitment
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"Establishing Collective Commitment"

Download file to see previous pages This paper illustrates developing and implementing policies and procedures to monitor and support achievements/ behaviors of each of the diverse stakeholders for the collective success of the program. This will call for independent though collaborative behavior among the stakeholders such that depending on the expectations of the program and respective teams; they will have different objectives which will greatly influence the outcome of the program. Program coordinators will be tasked with demonstrating fiscal responsibilities; creation and maintenance of safe interaction environments, encourage and support the achievements of each and every stakeholder and provide opportunities for the large scope of community participation. In addition, they should develop and implement program’s policies and procedures that promote data-driven decision-making processes; model life-long learning and interactions, enhance review and revisions of fiscal and interaction processes, and those that recruit and maintain individuals in the program for continuity and sustainability. Evaluators will be entitled to recognize and implement a collaborative culture such as use of various and balanced assessments for monitoring purposes and guide in the instructional design; provide supportive interactions atmosphere where everyone feels physical, emotionally and intellectually safe, provide conceptual and result-oriented practices and provide opportunities that promote independence of interactions, respect and responsible choices among the group members. The different social groupings will be tasked with sharing their interaction talents and skills; reach and work towards their personal and collective attitudes, show pride and spirit by participating in all of the program procedures, take personal and collective responsibilities within the groups by extending their kindness and friendships as a sign of understanding the program’s missions, and approach the situations in an open-minded manner. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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