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Encouragement - Essay Example

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It’s all about you, so better not miss out anything. Today you listen, tomorrow you’d cherish. Maybe this is the day you start your new life…Err…I mean not in a…
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Extract of sample "Encouragement"

Motivational Speech Today I am here to talk about ways to improve your life; as a as a professional, and as a citizen. It’s all about you, so better not miss out anything. Today you listen, tomorrow you’d cherish. Maybe this is the day you start your new life…Err…I mean not in a physical, but in a technical sense, and you’d learn shortly how.
Let me layout your objectives to you. Many of you might passively be aware of them, but until these objectives are said out, they generally don’t enter your conscious mind. Accordingly, you don’t know what’s your goal. So let me clarify once and for all; your objectives are to attain and execute the highest level of scholarship, character, community service, and leadership.
When I say scholarship, I do not mean a Fulbright Scholarship. Well, it’s nothing less than a privilege to have one, but i mean to talk about scholarship in a more generic and holistic sense. You need to be a scholar, or at least act out as one till you become one. As they say, “Fake it till you make it.” It’s not THAT difficult, you’ve got to trust me on that one. When it comes to achieving big goals, it’s the little things that matter. Sleep less, workout more, eat moderately, think positively…so remotely connected to scholarship as all this appears, it is just as much intrinsically linked with scholarship. And not just with scholarship, but also with character building. To build your character, you need to reflect. Make it a regular practice. Don’t go to sleep until you have reflected upon your day’s experiences. You’d realize and learn more. And hopefully, you would be able to apply more. You’d literally sense the process of becoming a more responsible son/daughter, sibling, citizen, and in the long run, spouse, and parent. “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth” (Ali cited in Rivanna Natural Designs, 2013). You would be a living legend many would cherish and adore.
But all this would not come just from character building, you would actually have to do some community service to be there. And when I say “some community service”, that means “a lot of it”. Community service can be done even by sowing a seed, by watering a plant, and by sharing the fruit of your own grown tree with others. You can get motivation to do community service by having a firm belief that you would receive what you send around. “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give” (Churchill cited in Lycoming College, 2011). Whether or not you realize, what you call “good luck” is the unexpected reward of some good that you have done in the past.
Finally, and most importantly, you have to inculcate leadership qualities in yourselves. While there is a range of leadership styles, none can be established as the ultimate or the only right style of leadership. Based on what personality traits you have, identify the most suitable leadership style for yourselves and try to strengthen the qualities in yourselves for that. As David Lynch says, “I like things to be orderly” (Lynch cited in BrainyQuote, 2014), look what you like and strive to achieve that.
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Encouragement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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