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Health of children living in poverty in hong kong - Essay Example

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Poverty and education in Asia have for a long time had a direct correlation in that the number of those living below the poverty line is high than that of those living above it. This means that Hong Kong’s margin between the rich and the poor continues to widen each day hence…
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Health of children living in poverty in hong kong
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Extract of sample "Health of children living in poverty in hong kong"

Download file to see previous pages Acording to statistics in 2005, a family of three took home $8,000 while that of four and two earned a low income of $9,800 and $6,400 respectivley. Analysts have intimated that the growing disparity between the rich and the poor is one of the greatest contributor to the poor education levels of the children in Hong Kong as there is no possibility of bridging it to make things better. In essence, the rich only associate with the rich while the poor have no option other than to keep by themselves meaning that it is a continuing cycle of poor education access for the poverty stricken because they cannot free themselves from it. According to the General Household survey of 2012 (89), a significant percentage of the population above 15 years and less than 65 is economically inactive in Hong Kong hence explaining the high levels of poverty in the region. The statistics also shows that Sha tin, Kwai Tsing, Kwun Tong, Wong Tai Sin, Yuen Long, and Tuen Mun are the principle districts in Hong Kong that have continued to register high numbers of poor households.
Ideally, child poverty tends to have an effect on the feeding of the same in that it creates malnutrition for those affected by the scourge because these children cannot afford to feed properly as per the nutrition requirements. Most of the children drop out of school because they have to fend fro themselves rather than study because their parents cannot afford to put them through school. Other than this, children living in poverty tend to have self-esteem issues as they tend to feel marginalized and humiliated because of their non-desirable financial status hence making them to avoid going to school(Ngo 2013). Poor health and poverty also means that these children are likely to fail attending school because they are forced to help their parents in fending especially those from single parent households.. On other the other hand, ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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