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A new program requires time for effectiveness. With time being the main challenge, it is difficult to run everything smoothly.
Most of the trainees have…
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Psychological skills training program
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Sports and Exercise Psychology Introduction Through sports, human and related behavior in this context is easily related. This makes it possible to all trainers who want to make their teams strong and effective. (Weinberg & Gould, 2010)
1.) Discuss two problems associated with the implementation of a psychological skills training program.
Just like any other program, psychological skills training program implementation lacks time to put everything in order. A new program requires time for effectiveness. With time being the main challenge, it is difficult to run everything smoothly.
Most of the trainees have little or no knowledge about the psychological skills training program. This makes it difficult to implement it in an institution. This is because it will meet rejection because people are so good at resisting change.
The two problems always demoralize those in charge of the program to the extent of not making follow-ups to the field.
2.) Discuss how to offer constructive criticism.
Criticism is healthy in a team because it helps in identifying and correcting errors.
When offering criticism, have courtesy in the manner you approach an individual and focus on the goal. This makes it constructive to the team. By doing so, you help the team in making corrections so that they are in line with what is important. Therefore, be honest and specify the kind of goal that needs change. Through this, it is easy to open up the team’s imagination so that they can have a clear view about future expectations. After making the critique, be ready to follow up on the issue to avoid future repetition.
3.) How would you create an effective team climate?
An effective team climate depends on the traits portrayed in that particular team.
Through autonomy, individuals have the freedom and the ability to carry on the training with little disturbance from a team leader. Therefore, it is easy and comfortable to make sound decisions that are beneficial to the whole team
A team is like a small family that requires emotional support. This is what each individual needs from the team. It shows a sense of love and commitment to each other. It is always evident when a team member is not in a good position to perform well as per the set targets. An effective climate through emotional support assures the weak member and thus motivation to make improvements.
Trust in a team creates a nice climate for the team. This begins with how the members confine secrecy in each other and the ability to support a member’s judgment.
4.) Give two ways you would increase intrinsic motivation.
Motivation is a weapon used to stimulate individuals to maximize on performance.
Offer encouragement
Encouragement gives hope to someone who is losing hope in something. Through this, all trainees are meant to understand that they are working with a purpose to excel. Motivation varies depending on situations. By thinking positively about your trainees, you instill a form of magical power that influences them to behave in a nice way. This encourages them to perform well as compared to a situation when a trainer is always negative about the students. Students tend to follow the attitude and the kind of mind that the trainer gives to them.
Recognize and appreciate efforts
It is among the best way of motivating individuals to work. In most occasions, students tend to fail because they do not realize the energy in their efforts. As a trainer, it is always good to identify the little efforts that each student puts in the training and be positive in appreciating and praising an improvement.
Exercising is an effective way of keeping fit. Through proper training, an individual is a position to carry out the exercises in a way that is beneficial to the body and the whole team. The above questions are helpful to a team if it has a goal of making great achievements.
Work cited
Weinberg, R.S., & Gould, D. (2010). Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology (Fifth edn). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics Read More
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