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Climate change is man-made and governments should take measures to control it. To what extent do you agree with this claim - Essay Example

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The effects of climate change have become more apparent in the past few decades, especially in terms of warmer temperatures, but also in terms of extreme weather issues which have been attributed as part of the climate change phenomenon. The recent Category 5 typhoon which hit…
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Climate change is man-made and governments should take measures to control it. To what extent do you agree with this claim
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Extract of sample "Climate change is man-made and governments should take measures to control it. To what extent do you agree with this claim"

Download file to see previous pages Other interest groups, including environmentalists insist that climate change is purely attributed to the activities of man. This paper shall discuss the thesis that: climate change is man-made and governments should take measures to control it. The extent to which I agree with this claim will be assessed in this paper.
Majority of the factors which contribute to climate change is man-made, and other factors are natural. Taken together, the impact of climate change is very much significant. Admittedly, the earth is warming, with most of the excess heat impacting our oceans. Our oceans serve as repository for our excess heat (Hansen,, 2005). The oceans however generally have a significant capacity for absorbing heat and as such, the oceans are considered thermodynamically stable, not easily impacted by other elements. In order to effect change, any activity would have to include long-term and continuous phenomenon (Hansen,, 2005). The warming of the earth is therefore being experienced over a prolonged and sustained period of time. Data supports the fact that the oceans are warming up and have gradually been warming up since the 1950s.
Global warming is not caused by the increase in the internal geothermal natural heating or the heat from human activity (Willis,, 2008). It is also not caused by external sources. The internal and external sources of heating have been discounted. A firm conclusion which can be drawn is that the increase in global temperature is caused by stored heat in the environment over a period of years. Any increase in the heat input would cause a rise in heat sent off into space. Such heat is not considered in measuring the increase in ocean temperature (Willis,, 2008). In effect, the added source of heat needed to lead to global warming has to be higher that is considered and no source of additional ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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