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Written Evaluation of the Research Articles - Article Example

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During the last several decades, electronic sources have managed to develop their functions playing not only the role of entertainment, but also ensuring education and social interaction among users. The article of Janice Waldron aims to research and define the effect of…
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Written Evaluation of the Research Articles
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Extract of sample "Written Evaluation of the Research Articles"

Waldron, J. . User-generated content, YouTube and participatory culture on the Web: music learning and teaching in two contrasting online communities. Music Education Research, 15(3), 257-274.
During the last several decades, electronic sources have managed to develop their functions playing not only the role of entertainment, but also ensuring education and social interaction among users. The article of Janice Waldron aims to research and define the effect of specialized web content along with blogs, platforms and chats on music learning and teaching process. The author tries to explain how exactly Web 2.0 increases users participation in discussions and interactions with each other bringing communities together (Waldron, 2013). The mentioned study covers the following questions:
What is peoples attitude to user-generated content and such sites like YouTube?
What are the reasons for uploading "homemade" videos and sharing personal files with other users?
What are the meanings of such definitions as "user-generated content", "participatory culture", "Web 2.0"?
What is the influence of these categories on music learning and teaching process?
What are practical examples of user-generated contents positive effect on musical education of communities?
In order to address all listed points, the author uses qualitative research. In the first part of the paper, Waldron implements such research method as literature review for the representation of existed studies regarding the main statement. During the second part of the study, the author uses data analysis and triangulation for showing research results to the readers. Waldron interviews twenty six participants via Skype, phone and e-mail offering carefully elaborated questionnaires. In addition, the author conducts face-to-face interviews with four teachers and analyzes online data through forum posts, digital videos and discussion platforms.
The main subjects of descriptive analysis are two online music communities such as the Online Academy of Irish Traditional Music (OAIM) and the Banjo Hangout. The author represents detailed characteristics of both sites. Juxtaposing chosen subjects with each other, it has been found out that despite the fact that they have different ideological approaches of the work, the influence of user-generated content and Web 2.0 on both of them is practically the same.
The research provided in the article is relevant and makes sense in the conditions of quickly developing technologies that currently we live in. The author chooses appropriate research methods and offers available for comprehension interpretations of study results so that it is easy to conclude that the statement and the purposes of research have been achieved. The article provides valuable findings asserting that participatory culture and such tools like YouTube do not substitute traditional music learning classes but mostly are used to supplement the study activities (Waldron, 2013). There are examples of teachers testimonials and tips that can be very useful for other tutors. Hence, all interviewed teachers stated that they had to modify their teaching approaches because of digital video usage. Their sharing of experience may encourage other teachers to make "homemade" video lessons in order to improve own teaching techniques and achieve higher productivity.
The innovative aspect of the article is that for the first time, the term "syncretism" is referred to music learning and teaching process. The usefulness of study results can be proved by those learners, who under the influence of different forums, discussion platforms and digital videos, share own experience, provide assistance to each other and broaden individual skills. Therefore, all these interactions among users strengthen community and contribute to the spreading of knowledge and improvement of musical skills.
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Waldron, J. (2013). User-generated content, YouTube and participatory culture on the Web: music learning and teaching in two contrasting online communities. Music Education Research, 15(3), 257-274. Read More
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