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My philosophy in respect of special education is not only a factor of my studies in human development but also drawn from my personal experiences and values in life. My view about special education is dynamic as I strive to practice what I believe is right and effective,…
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My philosophy of education for learners with special needs
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My Philosophy of Education for Learners with Special Needs My philosophy in respect of special education is not only a factor of my studies in human development but also drawn from my personal experiences and values in life. My view about special education is dynamic as I strive to practice what I believe is right and effective, adopting change when it is necessary. I believe that every child is unique and should be subject to a stimulating, caring, and secure environment which fosters their social, intellectual, physical, and emotional growth.
As a potential educator, I hope to provide students with an atmosphere that is safe, encourages idea sharing, and supports risk taking which in my view constitute a conducive learning environment. In order to establish such an environment, I will assume the role of a guide; promote the respect for people and diversity; and give room to the child’s inherent curiosity to direct their learning. When the I acts as a guide, the student’s desire to learn is fulfilled; they learn to find answers, practice previously learnt skills, and discover themselves. Students can be helped to respect and appreciate themselves, their environment and others by being encouraged to share ideas, instilling discipline in them, and by being encouraged to dialogue such as through class meetings. When students are given a chance to study what interests them and what is meaningful to them, they get motivated to learn. The teacher should thus develop a curriculum that revolves around the interests of students and that is pegged on intrinsic motivation.
In conclusion, I believe that every child should be given an opportunity to learn in an environment that is safe and that is motivating. Given that every student is unique, I hope to provide an atmosphere that takes into consideration the unique needs of the learners while giving them room for self discovery. Read More
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