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Perceived Stress for Middle School Principals - Essay Example

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The aim of this study is to describe, in detail, the perceived stress levels that middle school principles experience in relation to state mandated standardized exams. To facilitate this, the Administrative Survey Index (ASI) will be utilized as an instrument to help better…
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Perceived Stress for Middle School Principals
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Extract of sample "Perceived Stress for Middle School Principals"

Download file to see previous pages eform movement was unlike any previous laws enacted in the past, and it literally reshaped the traditional school system that had been a mainstay of American culture for well over two centuries.
President Bush actually drew upon his various experiences as governor of Texas in helping to draft the No Child Left Behind Act. This particular reform movement carried many similarities to legislation passed in the Texas during the 1990s, only now to implemented on a national scale (Debray, 2005). Upon coming into office, the Bush administration quickly set forth an ambitious educational reform agenda and, by 2001, it was already evident that legislation would be drafted that would be unlike any previous attempts at educational reform made by other Presidents before him (Sunderman, 2005).
During this time, is also became well known that certain provisions within NCLB itself would be completely new to professional educators and the public alike. This included the provision for state mandated testing, the frequency with which such exams would be required, and the disciplines that the tests would encompass. The legislation also mandated a strict focus on improving scores in the areas of mathematics and reading, as well as setting aside funding and penalties for thousands of schools almost immediately upon the signing of the actual legislation (Sunderman & Kim, 2005).
One area that quickly became a target was local school districts. They were required to give up control over the student assessment process in deference to new federal guidelines and procedures. The No Child Left Behind Act went so far as to require respective state in the Union to design their own exams and then administer them to every eligible child within their fold. For really the first time in the history of America, this particular reform effort mandated academic improvement as a matter of law, and not just principle (Orefield, 2005). In reality, this quickly became a regulatory issue, as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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