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Media Event - Assignment Example

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The Best Kept Secrets chronicles the efforts of a heroic woman called Janet Mino, a special education teacher who has devoted her entire career to working with students with special needs. It is set in the John F. Kennedy School, in Newark, a school for students with special…
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Media Event
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Extract of sample "Media Event"

PART I: The Best Kept Secrets Movie The Best Kept Secrets chronicles the efforts of a heroic woman called Janet Mino, a special education teacher who has devoted her entire career to working with students with special needs. It is set in the John F. Kennedy School, in Newark, a school for students with special needs. This movie begins with the arrays of sobering statistics that Newark is the poorest city in the US and one in every forty nine children have special education needs as a result of living with autism. It features the efforts of Mino, their teacher with twenty years in the field, to help the male children to be independent after school. Her main objective is to find them suitable jobs or protective environment after graduation. This is to prevent them from landing in the streets.
The director of this movie, Samantha Buck, demonstrates sensitivity in a dramatic way to those students with special needs as the camera keys rove in on Mimo’s reactions. Ms. Mimo is the star and a protagonist with a bright face that does not hide anything as she focuses on the audience’s emotions. The camera lingers on the students who have grown with frustrating experiences longer than comfort. The “Best Kept Secret” film is exemplary in the sense that, it never seeks to hide any truth from the framework of the narrative.

Special Education Laws and Special Education Court Cases
This section will explore two Special Education Laws websites, and two special education court previous cases. The first website is ( This website explores various cases from the U.S Supreme Court, Courts of Appeals, District Courts, and Noteworthy Cases.
The first case mentioned in this website is the case of U.S Department of Justice Verses Day Care Centre in Oklahoma. The case was filed with the U.S Department of Justice. The statement of the case alleged that, the Camelot denied the person the right to participate in field trips, hence violating the Americans with Disabilities Act. The case was settled on the November 27th, 2013, the child in question, with Down Syndrome and toileting issues. The court ruled that, Camelot shall not discriminate any child on the grounds of disability. This includes full participation and enjoyment of goods, services, privileges, advantages and accommodation.
The second website is the special education ( The case was heard by the Supreme Court. The case was between the Board of Education of Hendrick Hudson Central School District verses Rowley, 458 United States. 176. The school district had decided to find an interpreter for Amy Rowley, who was a bright student, but deaf. After the parents lost the case in the District Court, they finally won the in the U. S Court of Appeals. The Supreme Court provided the disabled children with access to public schools.
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“Special Education Caselaw”. Wrightslaw. 7 July, 2013. Web. 5 January 2014.
“Special education Advisor”. Brief History of Special Education Court Cases. 2010. Web. 5 January 2014. Read More
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