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Changing an Outdated Educational Policy - Essay Example

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Such laws aim at ensuring schools fulfill the learning objectives that the education department sets. The policies would describe the purpose for individuals to…
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Changing an Outdated Educational Policy
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"Changing an Outdated Educational Policy"

Download file to see previous pages The policies set to guide the transfer of technological practices in schools have not been a success. The old educational policies in technology have put computers in schools, however, the system itself is not adequate enough to accommodate the transition from old practices to the new practices. This paper outlines the weakness of the outdated use of internet in schools and recommendations to embrace k-12 education policy in the school systems.
Schools have different technology education policies. However, they all have a similarity as the government gives the general policies to be in use, in the respective schools. In Pender County schools, there is a restriction in the use of computers and internet (Student technology policies, 2004). The school policy is that the student will only use the school internet only during the beginning ten days after schools open. This is only after they are aware of the policies set by Board in charge of education (Student technology policies, 2004). A students use of the school can be stopped if he does not sign the technology use policy available in the first ten days. The parents, too, can stop a students use of internet in school. The parent has a right to raise a complaint to the administration that could lead to the students’ ban from use of the internet while in school (Student technology policies, 2004).
According to the policy, all the information retrieved from the internet is a property of the school in question. This includes all the emails and internet downloaded information that any student or other staff members may have. The school system has a right to retain the data for a period of three years and even longer if it is business related. As such, it would be difficult to allow privacy in the use and running of the internet in school. The students and employees can be allowed to have hard copies of the data that they may be in need of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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