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Analyze the Sociological Contexts of Economics, Influence, and Power - Coursework Example

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This is one of the established states in the larger USA which has a stable and well organized education system. In this analysis, emphasis will be laid on the socio-economic and…
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Analyze the Sociological Contexts of Economics, Influence, and Power
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"Analyze the Sociological Contexts of Economics, Influence, and Power"

Download file to see previous pages However, the extent of this participation is greatly influenced by the changing sociological contexts within the community.
As a state, Arkansas is endowed with lots of lucrative natural resources. Over the years, they have been tapped to help in promoting the economic progress of the nation. In particular, the Liberty community has been actively involved in the agricultural, tourism and mining industries. The production of meat, milk, lettuce, cotton, cauliflowers, sorghum, broccoli, copper, molybdenum, sand and cement has positively impacted on the development of this community. However, just like the rest of the society, this community is quite dynamic.
It has now shifted to the manufacturing sector with concentrations in electronics, publishing and printing. With the increased research on Information Communication Technology (ICT), the members of this community have shifted their attention to this sector. Thus, there are increased scientific research and innovations embraced by the community. This has indeed strengthened the school-community relationships in many ways. Through engagements in such activities, the local populations get employment opportunities. This enables them to get income which they in turn invest in the education of their children. At the same time, they can use such funds to initiate various development projects in the local schools. At the same time, the local businessmen can be relied upon to supply the school with books, laboratory equipments, boarding facilities and other essential materials. This helps to strengthen their relationships (Delgado-Gaitan, C., 2013).
With the rampant innovations in the field of ICT, this community is rapidly shifting from the traditional agricultural and mining to manufacturing and tourism industries. The members of this community have been compelled to change their attention and focus on these progressive sectors because they have a place in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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