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Patterns of Oppression and the Role of Tackling Oppression in the Society - Essay Example

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This paper "Patterns of Oppression and the Role of Tackling Oppression in the Society" focuses on social pedagogy that interacts with society and the individuals. It aims to provide a conducive environment that supports human growth in different directions, towards interdependence. …
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Patterns of Oppression and the Role of Tackling Oppression in the Society
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"Patterns of Oppression and the Role of Tackling Oppression in the Society"

Download file to see previous pages It is a social responsibility to oversee the growth, education, community development and the well-being of every child and youth all over the world without any kind of discrimination. (Cameron C. and Moss P. 2011). In the nineteenth century, the community had divided themselves where a certain group of people were seen as pedagogues who were usually slaves to the people of higher statuses in the community. They were seen as people with no rights at all and most of them got little or no education at all. They were also mistreated and they lived in deplorable living conditions (Chapman, and Hobbel, 2010). The fight for these peoples’ rights has been fought by numerous numbers of individuals since time immemorial. This study will be analysing the writings of Alinsky and Freire regarding the patterns of oppression in the society and the role of education in tackling social pedagogy.
Paulo Freire, a professor born in Brazil also came up with topics concerning liberation. He authored a number of books. His first book was the education as the practice of freedom that was inspired by an experiment he had performed on workers who were taught to read and write in just 45 days (Jackson, 2007:199-213). He later wrote the infamous “pedagogy of the oppressed”. In the book, he explained the importance of education in the society. And also he thought that the only way the community could ease the oppression and human suffering was through education. This means that for a section of society to be free, education is a key factor in the struggle against oppression (Beck, and Purcell, 2010).
Freire mostly focused on the educational process where he termed education as “never neutral” in that knowledge could be passed indiscriminately from one person to the other whether young or old. He believed that by doing so, people could change the community they lived in and beyond (Jackson S. 2007: 199-213).   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Patterns of Oppression and the Role of Tackling Oppression in the Soci Essay.
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