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Critical Review Paper - Book Report/Review Example

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Both authors have cited various reasons why international students find it quite challenging to avoid plagiarism. David (2009) explains that cultural value of…
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Critical Review Paper
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"Critical Review Paper"

Download file to see previous pages Another cultural value is direct communication, which requires students use messages that are low in content and explicit. James & Tamara (2001) explain that international students cheat because they lack the understanding of the expectation. These authors argues some international students, for example from India, state that the more they mug everything that their teachers teach them, the higher the grades they get.
David (2009) explains that the solution to solving this problem is that international students ought to search on the website on the institution to familiarize themselves with the academic expectations before starting the classes. James & Tamara (2001) explain that institutions, such as Windsor, have special orientation for international students that can help them familiarize them with the academic standards. Both authors argue that the knowledge of plagiarism is important for the students get quality grades. Therefore, this paper reviews how the two authors discusses the problem of plagiarism amongst international students and how they can curb the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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