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Google Effects on Memory - Article Example

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The purpose of this study is clearly stated, and it is to determine whether the availability and accessibility to databases and search engines have become the principal transactive source of memory in itself. This is important because people are becoming more and more dependent…
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Google Effects on Memory
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"Google Effects on Memory"

Download file to see previous pages For instance, they start by introducing information about how a long-time relationship makes people typically develop a transactive memory, which is discussed in the introduction part. Regarding the conclusion and the summary, the authors review literature that confirms vast information available regarding the issue, and also acknowledging the fact that the negative impacts are still under debate. Nevertheless, the literature review was distributed, and did not come mostly from the primary sources.
The research question is, has the internet become a primary source of transactive memory where information is collectively stored outside us? Another research question is, do we think about flags or immediately think to go online to find out? The research questions correlates with the purpose of the study. The hypothesis of this study is that people will forget information that they know is externally available, but remember information that they know is not available externally. This matches the purpose of the study because it proves reliance on external sources of information, rather than memory. As a result, it is easier to remember where information is stored than the information ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...Google I believe that Google has core competencies because it was able to make a breakthrough in the Internet business by transforming its technological tool into a profitable business, by relating its core competence with an innovative way to generate revenue flows and structuring its business with the correct mix of technology and innovation (Sugano, Goncalves and Figueira, p.3). Google is acknowledged to be one of the online giants, together with Yahoo and Amazon. Google has focused on achieving a leadership position by offering the search engine and advertisement engine on the Web. The core competence of Google is based on the technology used in the...
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...children who are exposed to various distractions during their study hours perform poorly in academics in comparison to those who are not. Major limitations, among others, of the current study include: small sample size, ill-defined grouping, and ill-conceived testing of the hypothesis. Despite this, the findings reported here are noteworthy. References: 1. Collett TS. Invertebrate memory: honey bees with a sense of dj vu. Curr Biol 2005 Jun 7; 15(11): R419-21. 2. Haynes L. The effect of aging on cognate function and development of immune memory. Curr Opin Immunol, 2005 Oct; 17(5): 476 - 9. 3. Hess TM. Memory and aging in context. Psycho Bull. 2005 May; 131(3):...
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