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The article of Nicholas Carr, “Is Google making us stupid? What the internet is doing to our brains,” argues that the Internet and other technologies have changed the modern generation. It has made many people lazy and changed the way people perform their daily life activities…
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Is Google Making Us Stupid
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Download file to see previous pages The article of Nicholas Carr, “Is Google making us stupid? What the internet is doing to our brains,” argues that the Internet and other technologies have changed the modern generation. It has made many people lazy and changed the way people perform their daily life activities. Carr is right when he argues that the Internet and social networking sites have changed the way people think. This is because having access to information faster through the use of the Internet has contributed to significant changes. For instance, many students nowadays use Internet for carrying out research studies. They no longer use their brain to find solutions to the issues, but rather use Google to find information faster; thus Google is making students lazy and stupid (Carr 341). Technology is making the society move towards a positive, direction, but too much dependent on technology is creating more harm than good. Carr views many changes the Internet is causing as a loss rather than a benefit; thus he raises awareness on the impact that the Internet is creating in the contemporary society. He attempts to reveal the way Internet is changing the ways students are writing and learning in the current generation. Carr reveals the way skills of many people have been eroded thus he says, “am not thinking the way I used to think” (Carr 340). Therefore, these changes have contributed to poor concentration in reading books; thus spending much time on the Internet. Although the Internet has contributed to positive changes, over reliance on the Internet has changed the way the brains of students function; thus affecting cognitive memory of the Internet users. The Internet has changed the way students perform their work in school; hence, many of them have become lazy because they cannot read books for a long time. The age of globalization, which is contributed by the increased technology development, has created more harm than good. Many students no longer perform effectively in school because many of them spend much time in social networking sites. Students also do not read hard because of much time spent on the Internet (Carr 340). Carr further argues that the Internet has changed the brain of many individuals; thus contributing to varied changes. For instance, Carr notices that many students cannot read books for more than one hour, and this has led to poor performances in many schools. This means that the minds of students have nowadays changed in that one cannot read a book for more than three pages before turning into the Internet. This has become just like an addict because many students cannot spend their entire day without using technology for varied activities. For instance, the increased social disorders that have risen are contributed due to more time spend on social networking sites and the Internet. Additionally, Carr notices that many students have become lazy because over dependent on the Internet for varied activities. Many students do not work hard by reading their books, but rather spend time in the Internet or social networking sites. Google is making many of them lazy and stupid because they depend on the Internet for carrying out their research or assignments. Students do not spend their time in the libraries reading printed books because they believe that, with Google, everything is possible. They use Google for carrying out research work because it is easier and saves time than searching books from the library categories. Although, this is crucial because Google directs them to the required material, but it is making many students become lazy. Wellmon (78) argues that Google search engine is making us stupid or smart; thus giving way to complex and productive questions. Thus, the time students spend in social networking sites than books have impacted performance of many students in their various learning institutions. Internet has contributed to the new form of writing and reading styles. Many students spend much of their time interacting with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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