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Learning Higher Education College/Universities - Research Paper Example

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Many businesses try to embrace management information systems in their operations in order to enhance and improve their operations. The report aims at giving the strategies that Tasty Bites Corporation intends to use in order to enhance its overall operations…
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Learning Higher Education College/Universities
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Extract of sample "Learning Higher Education College/Universities"

Download file to see previous pages This stufy outlines that the business market continues to become more competitive each day as different production methods come into the market and businesses make use of current technology. In addition, innovations and inventions have also created a wide range of opportunities for individuals willing to start their own business ventures. Therefore, the number of participants in the business markets has increased. Consequently, the level of competition has also increased significantly. Consequently, individuals find ways that they can use to edge themselves against this stiff competition. Tasty Bites is a corporation that deals with the sale of snacks and munchies. The organization is mainly investigating on the use of MIS to improve its operations. Tasty Industry is a corporation in the foods and beverages industry.
This paper declares that the corporation was started in the year 2010 and has been expanding its operations since its start. Being three years old, the organization has managed to open a number of branches in the country and its customers too. In addition, the company also diversified itself from snacks only, to fast foods and beverages. Previously, the company had specialized in the sale of snacks and biscuits only. However, it realized that there were opportunities in the market of fast foods. Therefore, it was expanded in order to accommodate a fast-food store. The key strengths of the business include the readily available market, and its financial stability. The company enjoys a financially sound operational system due to its large capital base. On the other hand, the company also enjoys having quality and experienced staff and thus, its products are of a high quality. The weaknesses on the other hand include limited space of serving customers, and the use of poor and old-fashioned methods of running the business.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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