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Purpose of Higher Education in Our Culture - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Purpose of Higher Education in Our Culture” the author discusses Menand’s article “Life and Learn: Why We Have College”, which is the wish of everybody that he or she access a college education. Menand came up with three theories as to why many people wish to access a college education…
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Purpose of Higher Education in Our Culture
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Extract of sample "Purpose of Higher Education in Our Culture"

Download file to see previous pages Similarly, in his third theory, he claims that college is an institution that one ought to pass through before entering any vocation (Menand, 2011). According to Menand, the first theory is suitable for persons that possess the belief grades do matter for they separate intelligence from non-intelligent persons. Similarly, the second theory is for those who have the perception that in college, grades do not matter and the important thing is what one learns at the end of the day (Menand, 2011). In a move to determine the role played by higher education in a society, the essay will analyze the purpose of accessing higher education in relation to the US culture.
In my opinion, Menand’s theories are valid, this is because many people believe in college education to the extent that they do not see other opportunities that if followed could also result in a successful life. According to Menend (2011), although college education is of great importance to students, not everyone has what it takes to excel academically. The main reason for the introduction of a college education was in a move to sort between intelligent and non-intelligent students (Menand, 2011). This implies that after one completes his or her college education within a four-year duration, what matters most is the grade he or she achieved.
In the US culture, most people access higher education with the belief that at the end of the day they will land a lucrative job, hence making them earn a good amount of money (Menand, 2011). Although this belief is somehow legit, what matters most is one’s final grade. This is because most companies not only in the US but also globally normally hire persons that possess a high level of intelligence, evident in the manner in which one performs in college. In my opinion, this is quite unfortunate since grades alone do not determine one’s capability. This is because when it comes to matters of education, there are different categories of people. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Purpose of Higher Education in Our Culture Assignment.
(Purpose of Higher Education in Our Culture Assignment)
Purpose of Higher Education in Our Culture Assignment.
“Purpose of Higher Education in Our Culture Assignment”.
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