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Planning of Instruction in a Systematic Way - Assignment Example

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This paper "Planning of Instruction in a Systematic Way" focuses on the author's designing of this instructional Plan - he/she will focus on the goals, the strategy, and medium of instruction, as well as the ways through which he/she will revise and review the instructional materials.  …
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Planning of Instruction in a Systematic Way
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"Planning of Instruction in a Systematic Way"

Download file to see previous pages To guide them through the college application process and how the needy students can apply for aid. The supervisors must oversee this guidance and counselling process.
After reviewing the learning objectives stated above, I have come to the conclusion that they are sound. This is because I am aiming to achieve specific objectives such as the learner acquiring skills and knowledge in writing college application letters and essays. The first objective, however, sounds a little subjective. After thinking about it critically, I have decided to change it from “Demonstrate knowledge of high school courses that prepare them for college” to “List at least five high school courses that prepare them for college.” I have arrived at this conclusion realizing that a learning objective should be measurable. When the students are asked to actually list those specific courses then the supervisors will be able to determine whether or not the learning objectives have been met.
A colleague commented that my objectives are too few. Even though I am looking to have a full day’s training, I intend to have breaks in between (it is important that learners get time to have lunch and to interact with one another). In my experience as a teacher, I have learnt that students learn better when they get time to interact and discuss issues taught in class.
I will also make a PowerPoint presentation in class. I will also show the students a video in class to further clarify the points presented in class. This is because students learn better when they get a chance to view real-life situations on video.
It is important for me to establish whether or not the content taught in the classroom is effective. I would want those admitting these students to college to actually report that the students are able to enrol better after the guidance and counselling sessions. I am of the opinion that the best way to determine whether or not the sessions are successful is by conducting random interviews on campus to establish the level of success of these sessions.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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