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: We Were Soldiers - Movie Review Example

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Col Hal Moore was a charismatic leader as he led American insurgent troops in fighting a battle which they were outnumbered. In fighting in the Ia Drang Valley, Lt. Col Hal Moore acted by action by exhibiting patriotism, bravery and fearlessness during such times (Randall,…
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Movie: We Were Soldiers
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Extract of sample ": We Were Soldiers"

We Were Soldiers To what extent was Lt. Col. Hal Moore a charismatic leader? Lt. Col Hal Moore was a charismatic leader as he ledAmerican insurgent troops in fighting a battle which they were outnumbered. In fighting in the Ia Drang Valley, Lt. Col Hal Moore acted by action by exhibiting patriotism, bravery and fearlessness during such times (Randall, 2002).
2. How would you characterize the relationship between Lt. Col. Moore and Sgt. Major Plumley?
Lt. Col. Moore was Sgt. Major Plumley battalion commander when it came to fighting the Battle stationed at Ia Drang Valley.
3. In what ways did Julie Moore, Lt. Col. Moores wife, demonstrate her leadership abilities?
Back at Fort Benning, Mrs. Moore demonstrated her leadership ability by taking control of delivering sad news and consoling the widows of some of the soldiers that loss their lives during the war. She in fact encouraged them by telling them that their suffering could not be compared to that of Vietnamese widows (Randall, 2002).
4. Would you call Lt. Col. Moore an entrepreneurial Leader? Why or why not?
I would call Lt. Col. Moore an entrepreneurial leader since he risked his life just for the sake of others and his fellow countrymen. Col. Moore was a determined person and led by example in the battle field by being the first person to enter the war. He was also a brave person with a decisive mind hence qualifying to be an entrepreneurial leader (Randall, 2002).
5. In what ways are Lt. Col. Moore and his Vietnamese counterpart, Lt. Col. Ngugen Huu An, alike as leaders. How do they differ?
Lt.Col. Moore was an entrepreneurial leader as he led the troops he had by example. Lt. Col. Ngugen was an authoritarian leader an expected everything to be followed to the later.
We Were Soldiers. Dir. Randall Wallace. 2002. Read More
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Movie: We Were Soldiers Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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