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Analysis - Essay Example

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In this case, the focus was on the mathematics functions addition and subtraction. These functions taught relied on use of number lines, cubes and the hundreds and tens chart.
The task involved…
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Extract of sample "Analysis"

Running head: ANALYSIS OF LEARNING RESULTS Analysis of Learning Results Natalia Duhau College: This learning task, administered on 23 January 2013, aimed at tests Math facts. In this case, the focus was on the mathematics functions addition and subtraction. These functions taught relied on use of number lines, cubes and the hundreds and tens chart.
The task involved seven stages each building up to a more advanced level of the task. The first stage was a pre-test where students did a short math paper without any form of instruction in view of the content tested. This paper had eight questions on a math work sheet administered to students in whole groups of three for 25 minutes.
After the pretest, what followed was a series of set instructions. First, the students learnt addition and subtraction by using a number line. This involved indicating numbers that came before or after a given number X and distinguishing odd numbers from even numbers. The next stage involved using cubes to teach addition and subtraction. For instance, having a pile of ten cubes stacked together then taking two away or adding two and then asking the student what this activity resulted in (what is the new number of cubes after adding or subtracting?). Afterwards the students learnt the hundreds and tens chart. After the chart, the students learnt simple place values to enable them to group the digits of a number into ones and tens respectively. In addition, the students were required to count pennies (ones) and dimes (tens) and consequently use these values for addition and subtraction (California Department of Education, 2009).
After a successful completion of the above activities, the students did a post-test in whole groups of three again for 25 minutes. The test was on a math work sheet and it comprised of eight questions that were similar to the questions in the pre-test. All the students who did the pre-test also did the post-test for purposes of determining the effectiveness of the teaching strategies applied.
There was a tremendous improvement in the students’ performance in the post-test compared to the pre-test performance. In one group, the pre-test had the scores Alyssa 3, Faith 2 and Isaiah 2 out of a possible eight points. In the post-test, the scores were Alyssa 8, Faith 7, and Isaiah 8 out of a possible eight points. This significant learning gain is a direct result of the learning tasks that followed the pre-test.
Nonetheless, math is a subject that requires continued practice to ensure that the concepts remain intact as a student advances from one grade to another. As such, the students should have math lessons on a daily basis and have math homework daily. Perhaps the instructor can restrict the homework to few questions to ensure that the students do not get bored of the subject while maintaining continued practice. Given the discrepancy in students’ learning abilities of different subjects, the instructor can ensure that when forming groups for purposes of teaching math the students who perform well in math pair up with those who do not.
In view of this activity, it is clear that assessing students before a lesson can give an instructor an overview of the students’ strengths and prepare the students for the concepts they might encounter. On the other hand, testing the students after teaching a concept helps the teacher analyze whether or not the student has understood the concept and to what extent. It is also important that the instructor record the results of these tests for the instructor to make future reference. For instance, an instructor can realize that using strategy X yielded better results than using strategy Z. Parents also have a need to know the progress of their children and these records can come in handy.
California Department of Education. (2009). Mathematics Content Standards for California Public Schools, Kindergarten Through. California: California Department of Education. Read More
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Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 18.
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